.-. If I was stalking the day before, never, ever even consider I wont check. Ever. *shakes head* And never, ever, ever say stuff about me. Especially when I just stalked it. Its just.. Im going to check it. And it doesnt help when I was just talking to one of you on it. Im talking about Andy and Jermis. *sighs* If they suspect that I stalk it, then yeah, Ive probably stalked it at some point. I wont say anything about this to either of them, though. I dont know if I should include screenshots or not. Its up to you guys, I guess. Do you want them? I dont mind taking them or anything.

But I dont think Ill forget about that easily. No.. I kinda knew it, but he never said it or anything.

And Andy, if you happen to stalk this, I dont really care right now. Im not mad or anything, really. Its just kinda.. Meh. .-.

Quick tip for all of you, Jermis and Andy included- Dont talk about me behind my back, dont assume I wont stalk you if youe stalked me, dont ever think I wont check a conversation Ive stalked, and even went as far as talking in it after stalking. Just dont.

They even said- "What if she checks?" Yes, Im going to check. Of course Im going to check. And then they go and continue with it. *sigh*

Thats the problem with some boys. Girls too. They just dont think. Anyone could be watching, reading. And this time someone was.

Yeah.. If you guys want screenshots, this might make a bit more sense. .-. Just ask me, and Ill give you them.


Convincing Waffle that Ashi is not lying.



*curls up in a ball* Now I feel sick about that.. Were arguing on RES over whether or not Ashi was lying.. Gah.. Well, on the bright side, I figured out that I cant have punctuation on my screeshot names or it wont upload. .-. I figured that out.

Kay, so Ashi wasnt lying. Proof-




Yes, I censored it. Because if my parents saw I was uploading stuff with cussing in it, I could get in trouble. .-. But, put simply, Amys the one insulting RES, and Ashi is the one who deactivated everything.

Comet = me

Waffle = Wafflemonkey13 (Here)

Lily = not here.

Im kind of scared to talk to her when she gets back on dA. I think I should ask Ashi if she changed the pass on that, too.

Im not really offended, because

A.) I dont know what she meant. Or I didnt. (Thanks Pink xD)

B.) Meh. *shrugs* 030

Here, for those of you who want the uncensored version or just the original. Credit~

Heres your beloved proof. - ashinomibalx3s diary

Kay, so I made a fifty-some frame comic in the Studio today. Took me probably around two and a half hours. Here, Ill see if itll post.


Oh hey, it does! Oh, yeah.


Shikimari - Kayla

And eh - Andy

Comet - Me

Part of this is the conversation Kindle, Chase, Andy and I had a few days ago. Remember all the screenshots? Yeah, well, thats where a bit of this is from xD